Welcome to a remarkable part of Maine‚Äôs Mid-Coast…

where breathtaking natural beauty and business opportunity abound in equal measures…
where a growing economy is perfectly balanced with an unparalleled quality of life.

Our people enthusiastically embrace the values of hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship. All against a backdrop of historic downtowns and one of America’s most magnificent coastal landscapes.

The environment is beautiful and healthy, the people are friendly, the cultural amenities are abundant and we’re close enough to Boston to enjoy it if the urge to visit strikes.”

From high tech Brunswick Landing to the scenic shores of Northport, Maine's Opportunity Coast offers a wealth of business advantages and unparalleled coastal living that works wonderfully for many kinds of businesses: green technologies, precision manufacturing,
retail, the arts, agriculture and aquaculture, specialty foods and more.

Take a look around...take a deep breath...and feel it:
this is truly Maine's Opportunity Coast.


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